Daniel Hits His Head

007It is a great story. Yesterday, 15 minutes before church began, Daniel was running through the sanctuary after Sunday School, fell, and hit his head on the corner of the altar rail. He ended up with a gash in his head that bled like crazy. This was just minutes before I was to preach a sermon on being distracted when we try to listen to God. Cindy took Daniel to the ER, and I conducted the church service. I joined them after church in plenty of time to take Daniel back to the doctor. The doctor said that 15 years ago, he would have put stitches in, but he said that today, he could use super glue. So Daniel had his head glued back together. He was a trooper through it all, and was back to normal even before the super glue was applied. We thought we would share some pictures:



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  1. Bless his little heart. That’s a pretty good-sized gash. Head injuries always bleed so much that it’s especially frightening.

    So, were you very distracted during your sermon? 😉

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