Our Family Happenings

It is a busy time of year at the our family! Cindy, Daniel, and Luke have started back to school. They are all doing great.

Daniel is getting really good at sounding words, and he writes sentences phonetically. It is not unusual for us to go to the computer to find “plahowsdizne” written in the address bar (that’s playhousedisney.com for those who do not read 4-year old phonetics J). Daniel is going to have a good weekend this weekend. Today he is going to his friend Lauren’s birthday party, and tomorrow (Sunday), Nana and Papa are going to pick him up and take him to a Braves baseball game.

Luke is doing the army crawl. He can get anywhere he wants to go now, scooting around on his belly. He has three bottom teeth now, and his two front, top teeth are just peeking out of his gums. He loves to eat, especially if he gets to feed himself.

Cindy is back to teaching preschool. The beginning of the year seems to be the hardest seeing as she has to teach all of the kids her classroom routine.

I am starting school on Tuesday. I had to go for meetings last Thursday, and it looks like it will be a busy semester for me. The good news is that my scholarship is covering tuition, so even though we won’t see extra money in my pocket, we are not going further in debt by having to take out student loans. I go to school much more often this year… I have classes Tuesday – Friday and every other Monday. The good news is that I am on track to graduate on time. It will still be a stressful semester, for me and for Cindy seeing as I will be gone more.

Daniel and Luke are still getting along great! Here’s a picture of the two of them watching TV:

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  1. Cute photos of the little fellas!

    It’s tough when summer ends and the busyness begins. Good luck with school this year (both you and Cindy!), and with the commuting. I don’t think I’d be capable of that anymore.

  2. Ugh! The boys are getting so BIG!! What a cutie Luke is and what a little man Daniel is becoming! I hope you guys find time this school year to breathe a little. Good luck!

    Love ya’ll!

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