A month of blogging…

Well, it’s been one month since my fabulous husband gave me this blog for my birthday.

Here are five things I’ve learned in my five week blogging adventure.

  1. I love a comment. I had heard that comments were bloggy crack.  I don’t know if they are that addictive, but comments are great.  I try to comment a lot more on the blogs that I read too. It’s nice to know someone’s reading what you wrote.
    I tend to click, click, click and then not even know how I ended up on someone’s blog. Do you do this? I don’t know if I should preface my comment with how I found the blog or just leave a comment? Usually I just comment away. They probably wonder who in the heck I am. J
  2. Google Analytics is really cool.  It tells you all sorts of things about your blog.  Like the fact that a bunch of people apparently search the words “Our week in three words.”
  3. I love Google Reader.  I guess I’m into google all of a sudden?  I dunno. But it makes keeping up with the blogs that you follow so much easier. Bloglines is good too, but I like Google Reader better.
  4. I sometimes have a hard time coming up with a good title. Big Mama is the queen of awesome titles- if there were such a queen. Her titles are so creative.
  5. I have found yet another way to avoid housework.

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