A Pezet Family update

I haven’t updated in a while. Things have been busy around here since everyone is in school now.

Dan just started back this past Tuesday. This is his second to last semester! We are so excited to see a light at the end of the tunnel. His countdown is getting smaller over there ———>

Daniel is getting into the groove of school and really enjoying it. He is starting soccer on Monday and is very excited. We went last week to meet his coach and pick up his uniform. While we were there he saw a lot of his friends from preschool and had a ball playing with them. No pun intended.

When we got home he wanted his picture taken like last year. He proceeded to have a little soccer modeling session.

Here he is last year for comparisons sake:

Luke is a sweet little fire ball. He is getting closer to two every day and is really learning how to express himself. He’s starting to talk more also, and I understand a good bit of what he says- I’m not sure anyone else does.

I wanted to take his picture the other day and he wanted NO part of it.

I’m just trying to keep things afloat around here. I’m really enjoying my class this year. I have an awesome assistant and I’m able to get so much accomplished.

Last weekend we went to my parent’s place at the lake on Saturday and then on Sunday were visited by Mom, Dad, Nate, Maggie, and David. The kids had fun playing together.

Have a great weekend!

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