A Total Brag Post

Our internet has been in and out for days and has been driving me nuts. I’m going to attempt to make a blog post- and I’ll warn that I’m totally bragging about my kid. That’s allowed on our family website, right?

Daniel is LOVING Kindergarten and I’m so happy that he is. He’s doing great and we are so proud of him. The other day we got the results from a test that Daniel had to take. He needed to get 8 letters right in one minute and he got 48. He was supposed to get 8 letter sounds in a minute and got 53. We were quite proud. He now has homework, which I couldn’t believe, but he loves it. I hope that attitude stays around for a while.

The other night we had to both draw pictures of characters on his homework sheet. He drew Tigger on the left and I drew a lovely Pooh on the right. He decided that Piglet had run away and no one could find him, so they were sad. They are both saying “Piglet’s Lost.”



Alright, I think I’m done bragging for one night. J

Last weekend we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I blogged about that here and here. I really can’t believe I’m old enough to have been married 8 years, but apparently I am. I think we’re planning on taking it easy this weekend. That’s the plan anyway.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Go Daniel! You’re such a smart young man. Grandpa and I are really proud of you! We love you, kiddo! Tell Luke we love him, too.

  2. There’s not a thing wrong with bragging on the young’uns! I’m sure I’ve done my fair share of that.

    I can’t believe it’s been eight years…wow. I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

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