Back to Reality

Well, we’ve had quite the break between blog posts, but it’s a new year, we have a new computer and now I *think* I might actually be able to do this myself. Go figure!

We’ve had a lot going on in the Pezet household this past month. Our sweet baby boys are now one and five! How in the world?

We had a wonderful Christmas and Christmas break. And now we are back to reality.

Reality being school.

The boys and I have been back for a couple of weeks now and Dan just started back Thursday. Pray for us all. Being a full-time
grad student, pastor, husband, & father of two small kids is no easy task. Dan manages to do a wonderful job with all, though.

Daniel is getting older every day. He is so ready for kindergarten and will be headed there in the fall. <sigh> He is reading and doing a wonderful job with it. He’s also getting into music now. It’s commonplace now to hear the High School Musical CD blaring in his room as he’s playing with his toys. How odd to be saying things like “Turn that music down, Daniel!” J

Luke is developing quite the little personality. He loves to joke around with his big brother. His new favorite thing is to make this horribly silly face and noise and then laugh hysterically. Another favorite is to turn off the lights at the switch. So glad he just received all those great toys. J


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  1. Cindy,

    We really enjoyed your very happy post! Our grandsons sure are precious . . . and so smart! We love you all!

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