Backtracking a bit…

A few weeks back we were able to take D3 to his very first college football game (Auburn v. Georgia). He loved it. Especially the food:

Not pictured is his fav: boiled peanuts. That boy loves those things. J

He also loved the eagle and Aubie the Auburn Tiger mascot.

Auburn may not be our #1 team *Go Gators!!*, but we sure did have a lot of fun taking D3 to a good SEC game and letting him experience the excitement of game day. And the fact that Auburn wasn’t stomped that day was a plus(17/13 Georgia). J

I told Dan we might have some re-training to do after the game- D3 sure did love to cheer ‘War Eagle, Hey!’ He’s such a sweet little diplomat that right now he is loving Florida and Auburn (and probably whatever team you are rooting for as not to hurt your feelings. J).

It was a fun day and a great memory for him!

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    My mom is a big time Alabama fan and my husband is a Gator through and through, so this weekend’s game should be interesting. 🙂

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