Better late than never…

We had a really great weekend, this past weekend. The weather was awesome and we stayed outdoors quite a bit.

D3 had 2 soccer games on Saturday and we went to the zoo on Sunday.

Here are a few pictures from Soccer Play Day.

My personal favorite picture, was this one of D3 kicking the ball. And apparently his little teammate had some underwear issues. J

Snagging brother’s Gatorade.

Dan has a great post on his blog about D3’s soccer game. He had a super first game, we were proud parents for several reasons. Read it here.

I changed out the battery in the camera before we headed to the zoo. When we got there, I took the camera out and the thing wouldn’t even come on. I guess we have a bum battery. I really wanted pictures from the day, but I decided to just get over it. The boys had a ball. D3 said it was one of his best days. J I really wanted the baby to experience some animals. Bless his heart, every animal he sees, he moos at.


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