These are B’s pacis.

He loves these things, but if you look closely you can see that the very tips of the pacifiers are gone.

I wanted to get rid of B’s pacifiers by two, and he will be two at the end of the month, so….

Dan made the executive decision that Saturday was the day to start weaning B off of the pacifier.

We are doing the same thing that we did with D3- snipping the ends of the pacis little by little until he gives them up. One snip with D3 and he said they were broken and that was that.

Not so with B.

There have been many tears shed (and not all of them from the baby). He is absolutely furious with his broken pacis- he screams his head off at them.

I think things may be looking up, but I’m not sure nap time will ever be the same. He only asked for a paci once today at nap, so I gave him his broken paci and he threw it and proceeded to have a little party in his crib for a long time before taking a one hour nap. He’s usually a three hour napper.

We all shall survive this, right?

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  1. Oh, I can feel your pain on this one! We did the exact same thing with Connor’s paci’s and it was a pretty easy transition. I tried the same thing with Logan at a little over 2, and it was a disaster! I ended up just caving and giving them back until he was a little over 3. We went to the toy store where he “bought” some toys with his paci’s, and the transition was much easier. He asked about them, maybe had one little meltdown that first night, but that was it. But I have to say that getting rid of his paci was pretty much the beginning of the end of napping for him…he just could not calm down without them!

    Stay strong if you can, but also remember that he won’t have them forever if you do end up caving. That’s what I always told myself when I would feel guilty about my 2.5 year old having a paci.

    Hang in there!

  2. Neither of my children ever wanted a pacifier (thankfully), but one of them (I’ll spare him the embarrassment of naming him!) was a thumb-sucker/hair-twirler. That was a tough habit to break! It finally took a little moment of embarrassment while at preschool for him to decide that perhaps that habit was a babyish one and best left at home.

    I think that slowly snipping off the ends of the pacis is a great idea, but it sounds as if B isn’t quite ready to let go. Hang in there; you’ll all get through this!

  3. Post

    He hasn’t asked for a paci today and is napping right now! Maybe we’re making progress.
    I love the idea of buying something with the pacis. Maybe this broken paci thing will work- if Mommy can stay as strong as Daddy. 🙂

  4. We just got rid of Nate’s blankie (at 4.5 years old). We told him he couldn’t sleep on the top bunk with a blankie. GONE – and along with it went the thumb sucking (since he only sucked his thumb when he had his blankie)! Oh our poor babies!

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