Burning Down the House

This was an exciting morning! The fire department burned down the old house next door. They told us about it before hand, and of course, Daniel was very excited. The fireman asked if they could park the fire trucks in our front yard and run hoses across the yard. He also said we could watch. So we got up early and went to watch them burn down the house. Daniel and Luke both loved it. Luke ooh’d and ahh’d the whole time. It was pretty cool.

This is the house before:

These are pictures of the fire trucks in our yard, and Daniel exploring them:

That’s our house in the background of these pictures:

Luke was very excited too.

They are drills to rescue Luke Skywalker:

Daniel wanted to be right in with the excitement. Luke did too. Luke may have been more excited than Daniel… it’s hard to say.

They started a small fire (only 1200 degrees they said) and ran drills inside to train some new firefighters. A couple of them came out and took off their gloves, and then burned their hands when they tried to take off their helmet. One firefighter got too close to the fire, and it melted his goggles.

It was hot even where we were, standing across the street. Luke got pink cheeked, and Daniel bundled up.

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  1. Great photos! I know the boys were thrilled with the firetrucks and the firemen and all the commotion! I’m sure this was fuel for their imaginations.

    As hot as that fire probably was, I’d be concerned about the paint peeling or rubber melting on some of those vehicles that appear to be parked so close.

  2. Great photos! Love how you took most of them from the same spot so we could watch in sequence how a fire can consume a house! You should enter those in a photo contest. The house was cute – looks like it had alot of character!

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