Catching stuff from school…. and graduating

Well, Daniel was not just being cute and falling asleep after school on Tuesday.

Although he does look cute.

He woke up from his nap with 104.4 fever. And he had a sore throat. So, I took him to the doctor and after running the strep test 3 times, she determined that he just had some sort of bacterial infection. So, he has already picked up some bug from school. He stayed out Wednesday and Thursday and headed back to school today.

Speaking of school, he is being exposed to all sorts of … uhm…. parenting styles, shall we say. He has come home this week (only a 3 day week for him) telling us all about the scary dog Chucky (he means that crazy doll) and about how this kid in his class has his own BB gun and he shot a dog. He also shares a table with a couple of kids that seem to get into a lot of trouble and one has gotten paddled already (who knew they even still paddled in school?!) Anyway, I know he’s going to hear and see more than I want him to at school, but I’m still having a hard time with this. So, I could use some prayers on knowing how to respond to this stuff. J

Other than those things, Daniel really seems to be enjoying school and is behaving well and doing great work!

The other big news of the day is that Dan graduated CPE today! Woot!! He survived the summer as a hospital chaplain. We’re so glad for that chapter to be over. Now he has a little over a week off before school starts.

I’ll end with a picture of Luke. Try to ignore the bits of hair on his shirt (and face) from where his mommy trimmed his bangs (shhhh… don’t tell anyone that I took scissors to my child’s head again.)

Have a great weekend!!

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