Cindy Broke the Site

Well, I’m not sure that she broke it, but I’m sure that I didn’t break it. At least I think I’m sure. Maybe it was Mary. She was the last one to comment. Anyway, it broke, which forced me to update the site. I don’t have time to do a personal touch, so I just used someone else’s theme. We’ll be beachy for a little while. I actually like it. It handles pictures better, too, so maybe we can post more pictures 🙂

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  1. Well, I certainly don’t think that I broke it! I did stop by this afternoon to check the latest post, but I didn’t have time to leave a comment. 😉 This beachy theme is kind of nice, but don’t sit too long – you’ll get sand in your shorts.

  2. Sure. Blame your sister. Don’t worry, after 28 years – I’m used to it! 🙂 I’ll give my usual response to blame: “I didn’t do it!”

  3. Hey, I blamed Cindy first. Give me some credit. Anyway, the site still seems to be giving me some problems… if it is quirky for anyone, let me know. For example, it just kept taking me to the log on screen over and over again.

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