Clothes sharing

Amanda had asked where I got Luke’s Kisses onesie and it made me think about where I did get it. I got it when Daniel was 13 months old at Old Navy (which tends to be a good guess for where a lot of my kids clothes come from- ha!)

So, I took a trip down memory lane, looking at the original owner of some of Luke’s clothes. All of Daniel’s poor pictures are so grainy, because of our camera quality at the time.

Daniel at 3 months:

Luke at 3 months:

Our boys looked so much alike for a while, but not anymore!

Here’s the picture of Daniel in the kisses shirt:

And here’s Luke with kisses for sale:

It’s fun to look back and see how much they have changed. They grow so quickly!

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  1. That’s so cute! Hard to believe that little guy is Daniel! I went looking for Nate’s 18 month clothes and can’t find them! I should do the same thing and match up the pictures. By the way, you need to start sending out pictures of Luke! I think he could make some big bucks!

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