Daniel at almost 6

Six?!!! What?

Daniel is loving school. He is learning a lot and making lots of friends. I went to help out at his Apple Festival a couple of weeks back and every time I saw him, he was walking around with different group of friends. Leading them around, no less. He is so much like his Daddy in this regard. I love that he is such a people person. He is also starting to calm down quite a bit since he’s started school. He’s not quite as hyperactive and intense as he was- unless he’s playing soccer, but that’s another story. He’s really mellowing in his old age. 😉

Daniel loves life! He has always been this way. He got so excited the other day, because I got him a new pack of crayons and a new pack of markers. He is also over the moon, because I bought him his own pumpkin. He has a fall project due, so he got his own pumpkin. I love that he gets excited over the little things… and big.

He all of a sudden loves to color and begs to do his homework every afternoon. I can’t get over this- what kid likes to do homework?

He is now obsessed with Star Wars. All day everyday he’s playing Star Wars. On the weekends he’s playing the Star Wars video game. For Halloween, he wants to be someone from Star Wars. The other night after listening Daniel go on and on about Darth Vader and Darth Maul and Luke Skywalker and sand, storm and clone troopers, I told Dan I was about over Star Wars. To which Dan replied, “I hate to tell you, but this is not just a phase.” I guess all boys, little and big, love Star Wars.

He’s playing soccer again this year. We’re going to try t-ball in the spring and see how that goes. Hopefully it won’t be too slow moving for him- I think it might actually be his sport.

Oh and this hair

lasted 2 days!!! He was dying for the hair, got school pictures made with the hair and then decided he didn’t want it like that anymore! Oh, well….

One more last picture of our ham with his pumpkin.

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