Day 1 – A Sunday Drive

    We packed all day Saturday. I packed my stuff, Cindy packed for herself and the kids, and I packed the car. Our goal was to be ready to leave immediately after the worship service on Sunday morning. We took off, and after turning back briefly to get the cell phone that I had forgotten, we were on our way. We had a lunch packed, so we didn’t have to stop for lunch, and we cruised for 5 hours to our first stop: Dinner with my brother, David, Amanda, and Nico.

Driving tip: Get a Zune. We recently purchased two Zunes off of Ebay. A Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the Ipod. Zunes, like Ipods, will play music and video. I had my computer record a bunch of cartoons off of the Disney channel, and synched them to my Zune. I handed it to Daniel when he started asking “are we there yet” type questions. For the rest of the trip, the only noise I heard from him was an occasional giggle when the cartoon made him laugh. Thank you Zune!

    Dinner with David’s family was fantastic. He lives in Gainesville, which was right on the way, and we rolled in right at dinner time. Dave threw some great hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. Amanda’s grandparents came over with some fresh corn-on-the-cob, and we had an awesome dinner. David, Amanda, and Nico make a great family. They were very welcoming, and their new house is wonderful. They will make it a great home for themselves. Nico and Daniel really hit it off (see picture). It was nice to see them playing so well together. Luke especially liked the dinner! We still had two hours more to drive, though, so we didn’t stay long.

    The rest of the drive went quickly, but we were worn out by the time we checked into the hotel. Cindy and I tried to get in the room quickly, so that we could get the kids in pajamas and to bed before they realized what was happening. That failed.

Hotel tip: Give a 16 month old time to get used to a hotel room before expecting him to sleep in it.

    Luke knew that something big was happening, but didn’t know what it was. He didn’t know that we were on vacation and had wonderful things planned. I don’t know what was going through his mind, but I think it went something like this: “I don’t know why we have moved from our nice house into this little room, but I do not approve, and I will scream really loud if you even try to lay me in that pack-n-play.” Luke ended up “sleeping” in our bed. He did not really fall asleep until somewhere around 3 am.

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  1. 3 a.m??? Tip: Get the uncooperative 16 month old an adjoining room, put him in pack n play, and shut the door! 🙂

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