First Day of Preschool

Today was the first day of preschool. I think I might have a really good group this year. They all came in today and sat right down at the table. None of them scribbled on their color page and 14 out of 15 can recognize their name. Woot! You have no idea how great that is for a four year old teacher. J

Luke seemed to have a good day. His teacher said he really liked the babies and kept sticking his finger in one of the baby’s mouths. Poor baby.

He’s back in the nursery this year, because of his December birthday. His favorite friend Davis has moved on the two year old class, so Luke is the oldest by 4 months. He usually cries when I drop him off, so Ms. Dorothea always has to pick him up. I tried to get his pic on his favorite rocky horse, but it wasn’t happening.

First day 2008:

First Day 2007:

My baby is growing too fast. L

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