Get the flu shot!!

The time came around this year for the flu shot and I thought long and hard about getting it for Luke, but decided not to. He was getting so many vaccines, that I really didn’t want to get him 2 more shots. I even discussed my concerns with the doctor and we agreed that he is such a healthy baby that he should be fine without it.

We were WRONG!

We’ve typically never gotten flu shots in our family, but we will from now own! And by the way- what happened to my very healthy baby?

Valentine’s night Luke started running a fever and it got up to 105! He really scared us. We worked through the weekend to get his fever down and then I started feeling awful. By Sunday, Luke had pinkeye and was still feeling icky, so we called the Doctor and he said to come in on Monday. So, last Monday Luke was diagnosed with the flu and pinkeye (yes, on top of his strep throat). Then Tuesday I was diagnosed with the flu. For the record- if you’ve never had the flu- it’s horrible!! The full blown flu put me in bed for about 7-8 days. Luke is feeling better, but not quite well, so to the doctor we went again! He has an ear infection and had to have an antibiotic shot today. The doctor said this is a secondary infection and is not contagious, so hopefully we can head to school tomorrow.

I won’t post any sick pictures, since Luke looks so pitiful. I will, however show you Daniel’s new favorite products:

He has been so funny! Anytime he would accidently touch me or Luke he would run and wash his hands. If he wanted to sit in a seat where I had sat, he would run and get the Lysol. And Dan bought a pack of Clorox wipes and Daniel has wiped down the house with them! He has become quite the little germaphobe, and so far it has worked in his favor!

Is it spring yet?!?!?!?!?

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  1. The flu is definitely no fun! Doc and I spent the last week of Dec./first week of Jan. sick – he had a bronchial infection and I had a cold, a sinus infection, and an ear infection. On the eighth day of a 15-day antibiotic regimen, I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics! It took three days to realize why I was running a fever and feeling achy all over. We thought it was the flu. Needless to say, I didn’t finish the antibiotic and I still have problems with my ear. I do have another appointment. 😉

    We had the flu shot in early Dec., but now they’re telling us that this particular “mix” isn’t going to be effective against the flu that is rapidly becoming widespread. I saw in the paper this weekend that it’s widespread (but not yet epidemic) in 49 out of 50 states (I don’t know which state is the lucky one).

    I like Daniel’s thinking…I thought about pouring Clorox into a spray bottle, but I decided that wasn’t really such a good idea. 🙂

    Hope everyone is feeling much better very soon!

  2. Don’t feel bad about not getting the shot. There are tons of kids here who had the flu shot and still ended up getting Influenza B – a type of flu that wasn’t covered by the regular flu vaccine! I think Luke has met his quota for the next year or five! The best that can come of all this is that his little immune system should toughen up quite a bit. The WORST part, of course, is you being sick – because everyone suffers! Wish we lived closer so we could help out. I would’ve gladly played nurse and kept Daniel away from the big bad germies! We hope you all are feeling much better!

    Mike, Mary, Nate, Maggie and David

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