Hairbows and Backyards

So, I had what I thought was a semi-funny post almost ready when Dan censored me. It involved hair bows and the one time each that Daniel and Luke sported a bow for like 2 minutes. I think Dan thought bow pictures on the net might somehow damage the manhood of our boys, so I won’t post pictures. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that the pictures might resurface when the boys become teenagers. It seems Aunt Mary might have said something similar. J

Wondering why I was thinking of hair bows in the first place?

Daniel had his Spring Program yesterday. He did a great job, he just loves this sort of thing. Dan and I sat on the front row taking pictures and Daniel rolled his eyes at us! When did 5 year olds start being embarrassed of their parents?

Anyway, we had what we thought were great seats, when we realized the sweet little girl from my class with a mid-sized hair bow was blocking most of Daniel’s face.

And surrounded by hairbows:

God Bless the Mommas of Alabama and their hair bows.

Today was just gorgeous! In the 70s (wasn’t it snowing the other day?)

Now that Luke can walk I let him go out in the backyard with Daniel (and me) this morning. He loved it!

He went straight for the sandbox

They are back out there with Dan now. I hope these spring temperatures stay a while!



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  1. Go Luke, go! What a cutie! We have been enjoying our backyard, too. No snow, though – but you already know how miserable I’ve been through this HOT summer! I can’t wait for David to be moving around like Luke! They get so dirty crawling! By the way, everything here is about Daniel. Nate has to eat his chicken so he can grow big like Daniel (because Daniel is big enough to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad)! And Maggie has jumped on board with it too, always asking if she’s going to be “big like Daniel!” Hope we get to see you guys soon! Love to all!

  2. Haha…I just had to fight my hair clip out of Nico’s hands no longer then 20 minutes ago…he loves to tear it out of my hair and have me put it in his….No pics taken….yet…! lol

  3. I guess it was really Mike and not Mary that has been making the threats to show Daniel his bow picture when he’s 16.
    Glad Daniel can encourage the kiddos to eat. 🙂

    Amanda- You’ll have to catch Nico on camera. All kids need embarassing photos of themselves when they’re little, right? Dave might not be too thrilled, though. LOL

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