Halloween Costumes…

The boys and I went to Party City this weekend to look at Halloween costumes. There are some seriously nasty costumes for little boys.

 We saw these beauties right at D3’s eye level. He was totally grossed out. Thank goodness, because I was too. Who chooses these costumes?  I don’t know , I just think that is WAY too much for a little kid.

D3 is really wanting to be a Star Wars character this year. He is totally obsessed with Star Wars right now. I’m actually able to have conversations about Padawans and light sabers and Jedis and clone, sand and storm troopers.

D3 is trying to decide between these lovelies. He REALLY wants his baby brother to skip out on the Pooh’s honeypot costume or the cute spider…

Not really B. J This is D3 at 22 months

and be Yoda.

I don’t know, I think it would be really cute for their costumes to match like that. I think I’ve truly become a ‘boy mom’ if I’m thinking the kids would be so cute as Yoda and Darth Vader.

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  1. Yoda and Darth. Oh I can’t wait! Then you can be Leia and Dan can be Luke Skywalker. Eh, it’s a little backward, but they all go together!

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