Halloween week

Happy Halloween!!!

We are in Halloween mode around here. Daniel is quite excited about Friday. There really isn’t any Trick or Treating in Beulah, so we’re going up to my parent’s lake place to trick or treat and go on a hayride through the woods up there. It should be fun. The cities of Opelika and Auburn are trick or treating on Thursday night. Is that weird to anyone else? Halloween is actually on a Friday this year, I don’t understand why you would change it.

Daniel was dying to be someone from Star Wars and decided on Obi-Wan Kenobi. He *really* wanted Luke be Yoda. I thought it would be cute for their costumes to go together like that.

Luke is not too thrilled with the costume. I hope he gets over it by Friday. We shall see.

What are everyone else’s kiddos going to be this year?

Hope you all have a great week/weekend!

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  1. Thursday – that is weird! What cutie pies! Did you show Luke what he looks like in the mirror? David didn’t like anything on his head until we showed him in the mirror – then he loved it! David is Tigger, Maggie is a ballerina, and Nate is Spiderman. They are so excited. David is all over the candy thing. He gets it. He keeps checking his trick-or-treat bag for candy – like it’s a Christmas stocking!

    Take lots of pictures. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

    Love to all! Happy Halloween!

    PS Daniel’s Halloween artwork is absolutely priceless!

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