Happy Birthday, D3!!

Today is D3’s birthday. I cannot believe it! My first baby is 6 years old. It doesn’t seem possible.

He got to open a couple of presents before getting ready for school this morning. He’s majorly into Star Wars right now, so he was quite excited by his Star Wars gifts.

It’s pajama day today at his school, so he was super excited about that. Between his birthday, pajama day, and Christmas coming up, I hope I don’t receive a call today about my rowdy boy. Ha!

On December 17, 2002, I gave birth to quite the little boy! He was ready to greet the world from the get go.

D3 has always been such a confident and happy boy. We used to always get asked by strangers if he was always so happy. And the answer was mostly yes. Well, after the few couple of months anyway. J

He enjoys each day with gusto.

He is super quick to pick up on things and is a very smart guy.

He does everything 110%.

He is very considerate of others and loves his baby brother.

He has more energy that most people do.

He makes and keeps friends easily.

D3 is a super kid and I’m proud to be his Mommy.

Happy Birthday, kiddo!!

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  1. I can’t believe it! He has alot of little cousins who will look up to him (and two here who already adore him)! Will call tonight. Love the old pics – the Easter one is my favorite! Such personality!

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