Happy Birthday, you’re two!!

My baby is two!!! And I can’t call him a baby anymore… because he’s really not. He is a becoming quite the little boy!

He woke up this morning ate breakfast and actually wanted to open his presents. He had no desire whatsoever to open presents at Christmas. I guess he learned there were cool things in those boxes.

Safety first at our house. He opened all of his presents sitting on the kitchen table.











We did colorful birthday cupcakes this year. We sang to him at lunch and he actually blew both candles out.

He however was freaked out by the cute sprinkles I put on the cupcakes and dumped his upside down and only ate the cake part. What kid does that?

Our house looks like a toy store exploded in almost every room. Between D3’s birthday on the 17th, Christmas on the 25th and little one’s birthday today, we’ve accumulated a lot of toys!


On December 27, 2006, I gave birth to a sweet, big baby boy. He was born at a whopping 10.2 pounds and was 22 ½ inches. He was such a sweet little newborn that did not want to wake up. He would hardly open his eyes for the longest time.

Then he became a sweet little baby that had a hard time sleeping. My sweet man didn’t sleep through the night until he was 11 months old. I was a very tired, but very happy Momma.

He has brought such joy and laughter into our lives. He is a funny little boy. He always keeps us laughing.

He is so spunky and holds his own with his older brother.











He is also our loving little boy. He is always ready with a big hug and kiss.

It has been a joy to be the Mommy of the boy with the big blue eyes… otherwise known as Blue around this blog.

Happy Birthday, kiddo!!

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