Happy Valentine’s Day

The kids woke up extremely excited about Valentine’s Day today (okay, so maybe Luke had no idea).

(Excuse the glare on the picture, the camera lens was fogging up, because our day started out so cold here.)

Daniel had a Valentine Party at school today. His class had Burger King kid’s meals for lunch, which they had been looking forward to for weeks it seems. I didn’t make it to Daniel’s party, because my classes’ party was at the same time, but I know he had a blast. He came home with quite the haul.


What happened to just giving friends little Valentine cards? It resembles Halloween around here with all the candy.

Daniel couldn’t wait to get home and watch the Charlie Brown Valentine DVD from Grandma and Grandpa. I think he had a great day.

Luke had another doctor appointment today to check his ears, since he’s had ear infections for the past month. His ears look fine now, but he has strep throat! The poor baby is just miserable. Please pray that the sickness ends with this. Luke had never been on antibiotics until a month ago and now this is his 3rd round. L

Hope everyone is having a nice Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Where did you get luke’s onesie??? It is soo cute!! I tried to find a shirt for Nico for Valentine’s day and couldn’t find one at any of our stores!! I’m glad you guys had a great day! Feel better Luke!! Love you all! Aunt Amanda, Uncle Dave and Nico

  2. I was thinking the same thing as I was sorting through all the candy! We just sent out plain old Valentines! Did you hear about the boy here who found a razor blade in his Valentine lolly pop? Apparently he purchased them from The Dollar General store and as he was putting them together with the little cards, he saw it and called his mom. It was a little red, heart lolly pop in with Pokemon Valentines, I think. Keep an eye out! They think it was from the machinery. Wow!

    Luke is looking pretty darn cute even though he’s sick! He is adorable! I wish I could reach through the computer, scoop him up and give him a snuggle! We’ll pray for a speedy recovery! Hopefully he’s met his quota of illnesses for a while! Everyone at Nate & Maggie’s school is sick right now, too. One of his classmates has Influenza B. What happened to just the flu? I guess that went away with the plain Valentines! Even Nate’s teacher missed the party today. I’m hoping we can steer clear of anything more than runny noses!

    Take care, give the boys hugs for us. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Love you all!

  3. Luke’s onesie was Daniel’s onesie when he was a baby. Gotta love getting some wear out of the boy’s clothes. 🙂
    Poor Luke was running a 104 fever through the night, so the guy is even more miserable. We thankfully got the fever down and he’s sleeping quite a bit today.

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