I want to be President…

Not me. Barack Obama maybe. John McCain maybe. Betty Lou, definitely.

I just bought this book for the kids and love it.

It’s a really cute and well broken down way to explain what a president does. Betty Lou wants to be president, so she explains what her job would be like.

With the election coming, I wanted D3 to learn a bit more about the president and what he does. I really want to find a way to teach him more about voting as well. He goes with me when I vote and gets the little I Voted stickers, but I don’t think he has a clue what that means. I read an article a while back that suggested voting for dinner. Working together to come up with what items are on the “ballot” (aka the menu), then campaigning for your choice. Making posters for what item you would like on the menu. Then the each family member votes for what item they would like in each category such as main course, vegetable, dessert, etc. I thought this was a really great idea and I think I might do this a little closer to election time.

So, I said no politics on my blog, but I think I might can handle it at a Kindergarten level. 😉

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