It will be okay. You can go on.

So, who said these words to who this morning?

Today is Daniel’s first day of Kindergarten. To say he was excited would be an understatement.

He woke up this morning and immediately got dressed. He ate a breakfast of champions- okay, so he shoveled in a poptart- and put on his backpack. He wore that backpack for at least thirty minutes before it was even time to go. Our typical two minute trek to school took fifteen, because of all of the school traffic. We walked into that big school with our two heaping full walmart bags of schools supplies (bags that starting busting… and supplies that starting falling out…). We made our way to back of the school, tossed his supplies in his classroom, and he sat in the hall with his classmates waiting for school to start.

He looked up at me (looking so darn grownup, I can’t believe it!) and said, “It will be okay. You can go on.”

And so I did.

What a big boy. I couldn’t be more proud of my smart and independent little big Kindergartener!

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  1. Oh – tears! I can’t believe it. I’m speechless! Will have to call later to se how his day was!

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