It’s a stay at home day…

The baby and I go to school three days a week, with two weekdays as our stay at home days. Well every stay at home day as we turn left out of D3’s school parking lot to go home, instead of right to go to preschool, the baby comes unglued. He has gotten to where he loves school and wants to go see the babies every day. He screamed during our little trek home this morning.

When I unbuckled him, he tried to buckle himself back.

I carried him into the house and he threw himself down in the laundry room.

‘Let me back out there!’

After much lamenting that it was not a school day, he settled in and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

And played with his new, favorite toy- D3’s big truck car carrier.

Maybe staying home will be alright.

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  1. Ha! Too funny….and it’s even funnier that you documented the tantrum on film!!!
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