It’s not easy being green…

when you’re highly forgetful.

So, I felt so green while purchasing the reusable shopping bags at Kroger. I had really been feeling wasteful getting plastic bags each visit- even though we reuse a good portion of those. A few weeks back, Kroger had their bags on sale, so I decided to get a few. They are great! They hold a lot of groceries and they have insulated ones for cold/frozen foods. I’ve been good about bringing the bags with me on grocery trips until the other day. I was halfway through shopping with both kids, when I realized I didn’t have my bags. I felt like such a ditz.

I guess 3 out of 4 times using them this month isn’t bad.

I am really glad that places are moving to reusable bags. Earlier this month, IKEA moved away from plastic/paper bags altogether. Only reusable bags are offered in their stores. You can purchase one of their bags for $.59 or don’t use a bag at all. I think that is so cool and a big move for them.

Loving the reusable idea, just hope my memory will kick into gear when it comes time to head to the store!

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  1. Sams Club has been bagless for as long as I can remember. Figured that deserved a mention 🙂

    So what’s your/our next ‘green’ project going to be?

  2. Post

    Ooooo… good point. I didn’t think of Sam’s Club.
    I really want to recycle, but it’s so difficult here.

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