Kindergarten, chalk and sympathy

Daniel is officially registered for Kindergarten and I have officially gone to the parent meeting. I took a tour of the elementary school on Friday and I still can’t believe he’s going to such a big school next year! He’s so excited and I am too. It’s so odd, however, to have been with him almost every day for the past 5 years and then just let him go into this huge building 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. He’ll do great, I’m sure.

We also got his cap and gown pictures back last week. He looks so cute!!! (If I do say so myself. J)

We have spent the weekend trying to get the house back in order, since we were all sick last week. (Have I mentioned how tired I am of this family being sick?!) We have also spent a good deal of time outside. The weather has been gorgeous this weekend!

Luke coloring with chalk:

Daniel’s chalk drawing:

I felt just horrible with strep throat on Tuesday (It’s never good when the doctor looks in your mouth and says ‘Oh my goodness.”). I wrote Daniel a note telling him that I loved him and I was sorry I couldn’t talk, because my throat hurt. So, he wrote me a note back:

This totally cracked me up. Can you read phonetic spelling?

Translation: I can talk when my throat is hurting.

Can we say sympathy for our Mommy? Ha!


Have a great week!!

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  1. We are very proud grandparents! Time goes by so fast. Before we know it Daniel will be wearing a high school cap and gown. Enjoy this special time with the little ones! We love ya’ll!

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