Labor Day Weekend…

We’ve had a fun and busy Labor Day weekend.

We went to my parent’s little cabin on the lake Friday after D3 got out of school. It is such a fun place for us to go and relax and the kids just love it. Their cabin is at a campground with a playground, a beach, a swimming pool and most people get around on golf carts, so there are fun golf cart trails through the woods. There is also canoeing and paddle boats, but we haven’t done that there yet.

My hubby fishing:

The baby LOVED the golf cart. Anytime anyone said ‘golf cart’ he would go running to the door, ready for a ride. He was so relaxed on the golf cart, he just laid on whoever was holding him and would say “Wheee….” It was too cute. He also did NOT want to get off when it was time. Who knew he would enjoy that so?

D3 had a lot of fun playing up in the loft. Nana and Papa had found all sorts of new toys and there is a Playstation up there- what more could a 5 year old want?

Sunday we went to church and afterward we had a covered dish dinner. My husband pastors a small country church while he is going to seminary, and every 5th Sunday we have a covered dish dinner after church. I received more complements on my food than usual, probably because I cheated and bought it premade at Kroger, but I digress.

After church I was able to take a nap- yea! Then Dan’s parents and his sister’s three kids came by for a visit. My in-laws were watching my nephews and niece while their parents were moving.  Then Gustav starting heading toward the gulf coast, so they were evacuating with the kids and also taking them to their new house all at the same time. My boys were thrilled to be able to play with their cousins for a little while.

Today we took it easy and then went over to a church member’s house for a fish fry and swim. Now we are trying to get ready for the rest of our week. Dan starts back to school tomorrow, so it should be interesting!

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  1. Cindy, first of all…thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Also, I LOVE the lakehouse and the lake is gorgeous. I showed it to my husband b/c we always talk about having one someday!


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