Lazy day…

We had such a wonderfully lazy day yesterday. We were all home from school (minus Dan– he still had school), and had a pajama day as D3 called it. We stayed in, I read my book most of the day, wasted some time on the internet, watched the boys play in the backyard, fed them 3 meals with some snacks- and that was about it! I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had a day like that. You really can’t plan a lazy day when you have kids- they usually have another agenda- but today, I think we all needed a rest. B even took a four hour nap! And still went to bed on time.

Not before wanting me to read all of these books, however.

Seven in all. He has now joined the ranks of his Mom, Dad, and big brother in a love for books. And I read them all, by the way. I’m such a sucker for a kid that will sit there and listen to a book.

After I read B his books, I went back to finish reading mine:

Apparently I still have a bit of a seventeen year old girl living in me, because I love this book. I zoomed through it in less than a week and I’m off today to buy the second in the series. Yes, it’s about vampires, and no I didn’t think I would like to read about vampires, but really it’s a love story.

The movie comes out next week and hopefully I can con talk Dan into seeing it over Thanksgiving break. J Maybe the word vampire will stand out to him if he reads this and not the words love story.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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  1. I will go with you to see your movie. After all, you go with me to movies like the Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. Besides, I like going to movies with you… it doesn’t really matter what’s playing.

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