Luke’s new tricks

Little Luke is growing by the minute! He has developed two fun “tricks” so far this week.

He has discovered the craft cabinet.

Somehow we managed a year to go by without him discovering the cabinet. He crawls over, pulls out markers or crayons (and takes off the marker top! How does he do this?) and finds paper, and starts to color. Too cute.

He saved his best trick for Tuesday, however.

He decided he was brave enough to stand alone and actually took a few steps. He is SOOOOOO proud of himself. He just stands up and giggles and then takes a few steps, falls and says “Yeah!”

I’m attempting to include video, which is stretching my technological skills pretty thin.  Hopefully it works.

You have to go ahead and turn your head to the left to watch, because I had the camara sideways when I took the video.  I know… I know….

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  1. Oh how precious! Hey Daniel, big brother, good job! How special Luke walked to his favorite buddy! Love y’all.

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