Luke at almost 2

Again… Two?!!! What?

It’s really hard to believe that Luke will be two in December. He has been such an awesome addition to our family. He is such a spunky little guy with personality plus!

He loves his brother and has to take him to school in the mornings- or woe be unto us. He loves to drop Daniel off and say “Bye Daniel” and see the buses.

He is obsessed with cars, trucks, trains, buses, etc. If it’s a vehicle, Luke loves it! He is always riding his little ride on toy around the house or driving some sort of vehicle around.

He loves shoes. He always has to be wearing shoes, he wants to sleep in shoes, he wants everyone around him to have on shoes.

He has the best manners. He always says please and excuse me. Very cute.

He’s starting to talk quite a bit, too. I’m not sure many people can understand him, but I’m starting to. I took a video of Daniel and I grilling him the other day. He was finishing up his dinner (breakfast for dinner- look how much he loves his pancakes dipped in syrup) and we were asking him to say all sorts of words that he (mostly) knows. Try to ignore my goofiness. J

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  1. I LOVE it!!! Way to go Daniel! What a great coach! Keep going with the Aunt Mary lessons! What cutie pies! Send Daniel to my house to teach David! Love to all!

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