I am 15 months old now. Mommy and Daddy can hardly believe it.

I’m walking everywhere and if a door opens I run, because I LOVE to go outside!

My favorite thing right now is my new swing. I stand at the window pointing at it and when I get to go outside, I walk straight over to it!

My favorite person is my big brother Daniel. I say his name all the time. I call him both Daniel and Bubba. I want to do whatever he is doing. I also like to follow him all through the house. So far he doesn’t mind- he even lets me play in his room with him.

I LOVE music and to dance. I sometimes get my entire carseat shaking, because I’m dancing so hard in the car. J This makes Daniel laugh, so I keep dancing.

I also just got a new Barney that sings. It makes me smile when he starts singing.

I love to cheer on Daddy and Daniel when they play video games. I feel like such a big boy when I get to do things with them.

I also love mops, vacuums, and brooms. I like to help out around the house by using the Swiffer.

I love to eat. I will eat any kind of fruit or bread. I like to feed myself, don’t even think of feeding me- I’m very independent. J

I don’t like having my face or hair washed, though.

I also do not like to nap. I would much rather be playing.

I do not like to get my haircut either!

I also really do not like when Mommy and Daddy don’t let me go outside.

I really love it out there.




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  1. What a big boy! These kids need to slow it down. He’s so cute!! Your cousin Nico loves to play with the Swiffer and broom too and he LOVES to dance and sing. You guys should get together and jam out sometime. Love you! Aunt Amanda

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