My birthday date…

I had a wonderful birthday this weekend where I was spoiled by my husband and my in-laws. I got thoughtful gifts (this blog being one), wonderful meals, and a beautiful cake. Probably my favorite gift of all was the afternoon alone with my husband. We went to lunch, a movie, and shopping before we met Dan’s parents and the boys for dinner.

The few baby sitters that we do have here have not been able to babysit for months now, so it was so nice to have some adult time. But honestly, Dan & I are just terrible about getting babysitters to watch the kids. I don’t know what it is. The whole calling and scheduling and finding just the right person. The whole knowing what to pay and the expense of paying for a sitter and the dinner or movie or whatever it is your doing with your spouse. It brings about stress for me.

Recently a blog I like to read ~ Chatting with the Sky ~ did a great series of interviews with teenage babysitters. She asked all sorts of great questions and I found the answers really interesting. I think there are about 4 different blog posts devoted to the subject. Maybe I will find some inspiration and stop stressing so over a sitter. Because heaven knows, no matter how much you love your children, a momma needs a break…and a date every now and then.

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