My consignment finds…

This past weekend, I went to an awesome consignment sell (yes, a consignment sale and a yard sale this weekend.J )  I was able to get the boys so many cute clothes to start their fall/winter wardrobes.

Here’s my couch full of clothes:

Finds for D3:
Great Flapdoodles Ts

Button- ups:


I also got a couple of pair of pants for him.

Finds for Baby Blue:

His favorite- a train sweater:

Christmas sweaters:

A couple of sweater vests for B. I LOVE a sweater vest.

Super cute little outfit. A button-up with handmade black/white checkered pants with penguin cuffs:

I also got him a couple pair of jeans.

I love shopping for cute, gently used clothes at great prices.

I was able to do my shopping while my parents watched the boys. It was great to be able to shop without any whining going on- pure bliss. J

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  1. I am with you! There is nothing more gratifying than shopping sans kiddos AND knowing you’re getting a STEAL on clothes! I’m actually getting ready to ebay some of our stuff to make some money to put toward winter clothes! I’m so excited that we get a WINTER now! Love to all!

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