My Day: A play by play…

Here’s a glimpse into my everyday, glamorous life. J

Monday, November 17th:

6:05    Get up and take shower

6:20     B up and ready for “snack”- Fruity Cheerios, strawberries and milk.
I make lunches- I usually do this the night before and made a mental note to not put this task off until morning again!!

6:50    Wake D3 up- I never have to wake this child up, but he was sleeping hard!
    I dress him, since we’re running short on time now.

7:00    D3 eats Fruity Cheerios and milk
    I dress B & myself- do my hair

7:20    Out of the door- with our umpteen bags. Borrowing Dan’s car today (we left the baby’s car seat in there yesterday and it’s a pain to move. )

    Dan has so much school stuff in the back seat D3 can hardly get in the car

7:23     Start throwing all of Dan’s stuff out of the car, pitching a fit. J

7:35    Drop D3 off at school
    B and I start to make our way to preschool.
    Call Dan to tell him that I love him…. and that he’s messy.

B was not too thrilled that I wanted his picture riding in the car on the way to school.

8:00    Arrive at preschool. Clock in and get ready for the kiddos.

8:30    Staff Devotion    

8:45    Kids arrive. Playdough, Chapel, Program practice, Playground, Snack, Circle Time, paint Thanksgiving T-shirts, make Thankful Turkeys, play in sensory box, Lunch, Music…

1:15    Clock out and start drive home.

1:40    Arrive home- B fell asleep on way home- put him in crib.
    Check email/blogs

2:20    Head out to pick up D3 from school. Have to get B out of his crib still sleeping. L I don’t like doing this, but luckily he stayed asleep until D3 got in the car. I read some in my book while waiting in the carpool line- makes the time go by faster!

2:50    Back home. Kids watch Signing Time and eat snack – icecream

3:20    Kids play. I fold and hang up laundry. A lot of laundry- I was way behind.
Here’s my fake I love laundry smile:

4:45    Start dinner. Chili- yum! J

5:20    Eat dinner.

D3’s plate. The kids LOVE to scoop up their chili with tortilla scoops.

5:45    D3 cleans up room- I clean up kitchen- Dan working- B playing

6:15    B bath

6:45    Story for both boys and bed. They went to bed early tonight, but were super tired.

7:00    Make lunches for tomorrow.

    Check email/blogs

Hopefully read some more and maybe watch a TiVoed show!

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  1. Cindy, where did you get the divided lunch container? I could really use those for Nate & Mag. Great idea! With a schedule like yours, I award you “mommy of the year!” Once again, you are very inspiring!

  2. Post

    The container is a lock n lock container and I got it at Target. They have a big selection at our Winn Dixie too. I love it! I also have a Sassy one for B, but I didn’t use it that day.

  3. I’m glad you did this! I love reading blogs like this. It may not be glamorous, but it’s definitely worth remembering what life was like during these years!

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