Open House

For two Thursday and two Friday evenings in July, we had small groups of people from our church over for dinner. This is something that we did last year, and are enjoyable evenings.

While getting ready for these dinners, I am once again reminded of what a beautiful parsonage we are living in right now.

I wanted to take pictures to have sort of an “open house” so that in the future I will be able to remember the pretty white house we lived in during our stay in Beulah, Alabama.

Come on in!

Welcome to our spacious living room.


Our bedroom:

The kitchen is partially set up for one of our dinners:

My favorite picture in the kitchen:

“Brothers” by Daniel.

The office/guest room:

Here’s the cute one that lives in this room.

Daniel drew a picture of an alien and its spaceship and taped it on Luke’s wall.

Daniel “upstairs” on his bunk bed.

Daniel made rules for his room. I’m not sure that I can 100% translate, but it’s very sweet.

It says:


The K’nex have to be up. The Legos have to be up or Luke might…

I can’t make out the rest, but basically Luke might choke on them. He loves for his brother to play in his room, so he wanted to remember what he needed to do in order to allow Luke to play with him.

Our Backyard:


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