Our Three Words…

Our week in three words:

It’s been such a hectic week and weekend. I’m still trying to get caught up! It all started with the kids getting sick last Sunday. They had colds and just felt crummy.

They did a lot of resting and watching TV.

D3 still wanted to play his last soccer game on Monday and then Tuesday he had a little party with his teammates. He got a trophy and was so darn excited!

Thursday at school we had a Dress Up day and Fall Festival. The kids came in costume and we have pumpkin crafts, pumpkin bowling, harvest snack, a costume parade and a party. I was exhausted after work that day! The kids had a ball though.

During all of this week, Dan has been working non-stop on school work, as usual, and his huge packet of paperwork, essays, sermons, and Bible studies due at the end of the month. He has been so, so busy lately.

He came in Friday afternoon and we loaded up the car, picked D3 up from school and headed up to my parents’ lake place for Trick or Treating. We got up there to find out that they were trick or treating on Saturday and not Friday. D3 handled it so well. I thought he would have a complete meltdown, but he did not.

Soooo….. Saturday became our big day of Halloween festivities.

We yard saled (is that a word?), we ate lunch at Cracker Barrel,

And we decorated my parent’s golf cart for Halloween.

Have I mentioned how much B loves the golf cart? He is obsessed!! He constantly wants to go ‘bye-byes.’

They had Halloween games set up for the kids. D3 really enjoyed that.

D3 entered a costume contest and all of the boys in his age group won. Ha! I guess they didn’t want to choose. Then the kids finally got to go Trick-or-Treating. I don’t have the best pics, because my camera battery died (it’s becoming a theme). So, these pics are from Dan’s cell phone.

B was not interested in looking at the camera, so this is the best shot I have of him. He grew to love his little Yoda costume and left the thing on forever. He learned real quick-like how and when to say ‘Trick or Treat’ and ‘Thank You.’

The kids ended up with full buckets and had a great time. Later that night they had a hay ride through the woods, which was a lot of fun. D3 was not too thrilled with the folks running out of the woods trying to scare us. B could have cared less. He just laid back in my lap and enjoyed the ride.

Sunday we had church, lunch, grocery shopping and trying to get caught up!

Oh, and Dan saw me working on this post and said our words should have been Trick or Treat. Yea, that probably would have been cuter, but I’m so not going back and redoing this! J

Hope you all have a great week!

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