Our Three Words…

Our week in three words:

Dan graduated from his CPE program Friday.

“Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an intensive experiential educational program for pastors and religious leaders interested in developing their clinical skills. Students engage in pastoral work and reflect on their experience with a trained supervisor and a peer group. Key areas for learning include integrating theology into pastoral practice, formation as a religious leader, and self-reflection and knowledge. CPE can be an excellent tool for discernment, self-care and renewal” (from www.advocatehealth.com).

Dan has been working at a local hospital as a chaplain for the past 3 months. He worked 8-5 and was on-call for 24 hours once a week and 24 hours once a month. This CPE program made for a very intense summer. It was both emotionally and physically exhausting. To say we’re excited that he’s made it through is an understatement!

I think he gained a lot out of the program, but is thrilled to have reached the end.

And I’m excited that he has no more on-calls!


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