Our Three Words…

 My week in three words:

This year is shaping up to be one of my favorite years of teaching four year olds.  I have an AWESOME assistant teacher that is really super helpful and I am really enjoying myself.  I have also attempted to become more organized this year.  What a novel idea.  🙂 

This past week we worked on one of my favorite units of the year, Apples.  I love it because it reminds me that even though it’s 100 degrees still, fall is on it’s way!!!  One of my absolute favorite teacher websites is Little Giraffes.  As I was looking there tonight, I saw that she is shutting down her site soon- I was so sad!  She has an awesome site- be sure to check it out before mid October. Much of the fun stuff that I do during Apple Week, I borrow from Little Giraffes.  Apple Unit 

Apples Smiles- cute snack that we made

My favorite thing I’ve done this year is make a Morning Meeting CD.  I made a compilation of all the songs that I use during my circle time.  This has been a total lifesaver.
Songs on my CD:
ABC Gospel by Choo Choo Soul
Lovely Noise from Serengeti Trek CD
Morning Mambo by Bear in the Big Blue House
Clap Your Hands by They Might Be Giants
Hello Neighbor by Dr. Jean
Days of the Week by Dr. Jean
Months of the Year by Jack Hartmann
Weather Song by Dr. Jean
123 Rock by Greg and Steve
ABC Disco by Jack Hartmann
ABC Rock by Greg and Steve

I love Dr. Jean.  I really recommend her songs for classrooms and just for kiddos in general.

My week, I suppose, has just been an average week in my life.  Nothing too exciting and nothing too dull.  I am, however, pleased that I find joy in my job!  That doesn’t always happen every day! 

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