Our Three Words….

Our week in three words:

I had a hard time deciding my three words this week. Should I emphasize Dan starting back to seminary? Or the fact that D3 and I had a nasty tummy bug this week? In the end, I decided not to devote an entire post to throwing-up and Pepto Bismol- you’re welcome.

So, “Fall Semester Begins” it is. This is Dan’s second to last semester and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! He is taking 15 semester hours this Fall with only 6 left in the Spring! We are so excited.

When I first met Dan he was a Recreation Director- I thought I married a Rec. Director and not a pastor. He says I never should have been surprised when he decided he wanted to go to seminary- and in many ways I was not. It took me a little while to get used to the idea and what that meant for our family, but no way could I stand between my husband and a call from God.

He had struggled with his call into the ministry for many years and I am so proud of him for taking that leap and doing what he is led to do. A little over two years ago, we moved our family to the country… in another state…. so that Dan could become the student pastor of a small church while he attends seminary full-time. It was big changes for our family, but they have been positive ones. Our church is very accepting and loving and Dan is in the process of furthering his education and call.

Every semester is different around here. It brings changes in schedules and we see Dan sporadically through the week. He has a lot on his plate and he manages it well- even though at time he feels like he doesn’t. He does an awesome job of balancing family, school, and church. I’m very proud of him! J



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