Our three words…

Our week in three words:

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Every week I like to sum up my week in three words. I love the segment on Good Morning America weekends, where people so creatively tell about their week in three words.

This week, I couldn’t make up my mind which way to go. I don’t want to discuss politics on my blog, so I did not want post about the Awful Financial State of our country. D3’s been super busy this week. He has had book fair, soccer 2 nights and an apple festival this week. I didn’t really want a post of the life of a Very Busy Kindergartener. I’ve already made a post this week about our Unpredictable Internet Connection. Which is back on finally! I will spare you all the three word post about PMS. I figure that is WAY too much information.

So, I’m settling for I’ve Got Nothin’! Semi-typical week. Possible uncreative blog author.

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