Our Three Words…

Our week in three words:

Show me the sign, bud.

Please. What are our three words?

Wait! Come Back!

Look at our poor little sign! What did it say?

Ahh…. Yep, we were ON FALL BREAK this week.

B and I only had one day of school this week, the rest of our week was fall break. Dan and D3 still had school, so it was just the baby and me most of the days.

We cleaned some.

We rested some.

We watched some TV. Normally, B isn’t into TV at all. I know he likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, because he will stop playing for 2 minutes and watch, but that is the extent of it. Well, I recently discovered Signing Time and he sat for the entire show. He loved it and was trying to sing along. I’m going to get him some of the Signing Time DVDs for his birthday or Christmas.

I watched Ellen this week since I was home and I laughed so hard on Tuesday, when she had Dennis Quaid do a hidden camera prank.


Funny stuff.

D3 has 2 soccer games today and we are planning on going to the zoo after church on Sunday, so we should have a nice weekend ahead of us.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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