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Our week in three words:

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This week we have been enjoying some typical October stuff.

Nice, Cool Weather


72°F | 45°F


74°F | 45°F


65°F | 36°F


63°F | 36°F

The Pumpkin Patch
The baby and I went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Thursday.

He was not as impressed with the pumpkins as I would have hoped. I wanted him to get this little one, just his size:

He picked it up and said ‘yuck’ and threw it down. Only my kid would not care about the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. He was way more interested in the tractor.
Here he is loving the hayride:

Harvest Carnival
Today was D3’s Harvest Carnival at his school.
The kids seemed to really enjoy it. Lots of candy, games, moonwalks and hayrides- what kid wouldn’t like it?

Here’s D3 going down the big slide. Check out those nasty socks. Ha!

On the hayride:

B in his usual spot:

B loves trucks, so he was totally fascinated by the fire truck. The fireman grabbed him and put him up in the truck and he was not too thrilled, so Dan jumped up to make things better. He tends to like things better from a distance.

Hope you all are having a nice October weekend!