Our Weekend… so far

We’ve had an eventful weekend so far.

Daniel decided he wanted to cook dinner for the family, so last night he made a lovely dinner of hamburgers and tator tots. He did the whole 9 yards- seasoned the meat, made out the patties, put them on the George Foreman grill, tator tots in the oven- the whole deal. He was quite proud of himself (and so was I to tell you the truth).

The weather forecasters had been saying that we might get snow today, but I sure didn’t believe them.

I was wrong.

This morning we were sitting around and looked outside to see it starting to snow. We jumped into warm clothes and headed out before we missed it.

It actually snowed for several hours. Daniel has had an absolute ball playing in the snow today. Not really what you expect in central Alabama.


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  1. So cool! The kids look like they loved the “white stuff.” Where is Jack’s sweater? I’m so jealous. I’m really starting to not like Tampa. It’s too hot – all the time. Our big cold front is tomorrow – high of 60. Oh no, what ever will we do?! Then I look at places like Atlanta and Jackson getting snow! NOT FAIR!!! Oh, wait. This just in…we’re under a severe thunder storm warning and tornado watch yippee! 🙂

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