Pezet Family Update…

Daniel had his cap and gown pictures taken last week. He looked so cute in that little gown and cap. He is very excited about graduating from preschool and has been asked to say the opening prayer at his graduation. I’m so proud of him for being so confident and smart. You couldn’t have paid me to say a prayer in a microphone in front of a church full of people when I was 5, but this is right up Daniel’s alley. I guess he takes after his Daddy. I don’t have pics of him in the cap and gown yet, but I did take a picture of him later that day, being his ham of a self. J

Daniel woke up not feeling well on Tuesday, so we stayed home from school. He was much better by Thursday, so we went to school. He played around this morning and then all of a sudden he said his head hurt and sure enough- he had a 103 fever. So, he’s been on the couch all day. I can’t tell you how tired we are of the sickies around here! I’m ready for everyone to be well for a long period of time! Luke stayed out a day last week for a cold.

Luke is thankfully doing well now. He’s such a little card! Here are a couple of random pictures of him.


What happens when Luke is awake and things get very quiet:

Luke is really into books lately. He sits and read forever.

He likes to go through his picture book and kiss all the babies. Too cute.

We’re starting to wind up our year. A little over a month left for us all. Dan’s in end of semester mode with lots of homework. We get to register Daniel for Kindergarten next week. I’m so excited for him! We’re also about to start our countdown to Disney! We’re headed there again this year and we are really excited.

Here’s a pic of us from last year:

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Holy Cow! From a distance, that looks like David in the stroller! He’s 25 pounds now! Hope we can get the boys (and Maggie) together soon. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling with Daniel getting ready for kindergarten! And next time leave the milk and a pan out for Luke – he can make breakfast! 🙂

  2. I hope we can get the kids together too. Daniel talks about Nate, Maggie and David alot. I would also love to see our 2 linebackers together. And you’re right, from a distance Luke does look like David in the pic.

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