Six Random Things…

I was tagged by Caroline.

She has such a sweet blog. I’m supposed to list six things about myself. So, here comes the randomness….

  1. I LOVE to go on vacation. I’m constantly wanting to plan a trip somewhere. We went to Disney this summer, which is one of our favorite places on earth. And I’m dying to go somewhere again already. Dan and I are in the middle of planning our anniversary get away and our cruise next summer to celebrate his graduation!!
  2. I hate sitting in traffic. Oh my goodness, my good side does not come out in sit-still traffic. Once Dan clicked through his cell phone to the games screen and handed it over to me in traffic. I didn’t even recognize I was being pacified like a kid for a minute.
  3. I detest the lunchable. I seriously went off on a 30 minute tangent the other night about my disdain for the lunchable. Now, deep theological matters I’m still trying to work out within myself, but the lunchable… I know I can’t stand.
  4. I love school supplies, paper, organizers… anything like that. If I would let myself, I could just go nuts in paper stores, party stores, The Container store. I don’t know why, but I just LOVE it. You’d think I’d be more organized.
  5. I am such a visual learner that it’s ridiculous. If there’s not a picture involved, I have a hard time staying interested. J Hence my pictures with each of my random things.
  6. I say “seriously” entirely too much. The other night the kids and I were waiting on my husband to join us at the dinner table for prayer. We looked over to see Dan making a pitcher of sweet tea and my five-year-old says (in his best Chandler Bing voice, even though he has no idea who that is) “Seriously. You HAVE to do that right now?” I thought I would die, hearing my voice coming out of my child’s mouth.

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