Snow, Walking, and Fortunes

Our weather is a bit confused. It has been in the 70s and gorgeous all week long. We woke up this morning to snow. It didn’t stick this time, it melted right when it hit the ground. You can see the snow on our backyard table.

Daniel had to go play out in the snow flurries! Actually, you can’t see any snow in this picture, but it is falling.

If you were to look in our yard right now, you would never know it had snowed.

All of this before 9:00.

If I didn’t have small children I might have never known it happened. Ha! I never saw the morning time before 9:00 for many years, and this morning I was up feeding Luke breakfast at 6:00! The kids have started getting up so early, I am actually welcoming the time change tomorrow.

Luke seems to still be feeling better and his ears looked great at his ear check up this week. I hope he doesn’t have to go back to the doctor for a while! He went 7 times in two months! The poor guy!

He even started walking this week! He had been taking a few steps for over a month, but he just decided to get up and go this week. It is so cute to see him wabble around the house. J

Luke says to excuse his lack of pants

Last night we had Chinese food for dinner and after Daniel had eaten, he opened his fortune cookie, took out the fortune and sat there and read it to us without a bit of help. We are so proud of Daniel and his reading. He is doing an incredible job!


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  1. Yay! Go Luke for the walking! Awesome job on the reading Daniel!! You boys are growing up so quickly! Love you guys!

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