Sore Throats and my Classroom…

Well, I last posted cute pictures of my tired Kindergartener passed out on the couch. He kept trying to wake up, but kept falling asleep.

And as I was taking his picture, look what little one was doing:

Climbing up on the kitchen chairs and stealing my drink! He’s becoming quite the climber.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand… my sleepy head. He wakes up about dinner time with 104.4 fever. L His throat started hurting and I just knew he had strep throat.

I took him to the doctor- and by the way going to the pediatrician with a 1 and a 5 year old and waiting for an hour and a half is a cruel form of punishment! Anyway, the doctor ran the strep test three times, but it came back negative. She was sure he had strep too, but nope. She did however, put him on antibiotics for whatever infection he seems to have.

So, it didn’t take D3 long to catch some sort of bug at school and miss 2 days. He went back today and seems to be doing well.

I just finished up my first week with my new group of 4 year olds. We had a really great first week. The kids really jumped right into the routine and we are doing tons more that I thought we would be this early in the year. Praise God, I think this year is going to be enjoyable. Makes me want to go knock on wood somewhere, but I will resist the urge to be superstitious.

Here’s a picture of my classroom waiting on kids to come:

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  1. Awww, bless his heart! Hope he’s back to normal soon!

    I taught 4 year old preschool for six years, so your post and pictures are bringing back memories. Your classroom looks great!

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