Spring Break

Happy Easter!

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend here. The boys have sufficiently been spoiled by their grandparents and the Easter bunny as well. Lots of treats around here! J We all went to church this morning, then came home for kite flying and a yummy Easter lunch.

We had a great spread of ham, mashed potatoes (of course, Dan’s around J), corn, eggs, rolls….

And the boys had some dirt pudding for dessert:

Mmmmm…… dirt….

We all had a great week last week at Nana and Papa’s house as well.

Daniel went to see Horton Hears a Who with Papa while Nana, Luke, and I went shopping. We went to the park… We got to visit with Mawmaw and Pawpaw and celebrate birthdays…. We watched Garfield and The Bee Movie entirely too many times…. We ate yummy food and died Easter eggs.


All in all I would say we have had a great Spring Break.

Poor Dan, however, was at school all week. Getting closer to the end of another semester, which is bringing him closer to the end of seminary. He’s trucking right along and doing a great job along the way.

Tomorrow we are all back to school, back to reality. Getting closer to summer break though- right? J

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